They told me

They told me to be a lawyer, a doctor, even a teacher. To learn my math and my science. But all I learned was how to read the lines running down your back. The depth of words every time I thought of you. I learned how to write my love for you in English and even in Spanish. To draw you word by word in ink and paper. I eloquently wrote romantic verses, rhymed them with your eyes. I didn’t care to teach anyone laws or numbers. I didn’t need to study books on how to make love to you. I didn’t need to study body parts— because the only heart I cared for was; yours. I was born to write the verses, create the magic with a pen. To teach the world how to see with their eyes closed every time they hear my phrases. I spoke out of love. It was my savior. Everything I did or ever do is out of love. Thanks to you.

I didn’t care to be anything in the world, but an artist.