New year, same goals. Big believer in changing day by day. Yes, the new year makes me ecstatic and I dream a little harder. Because some years are tougher than others, or at least some come with great lessons, others with sadness, but nonetheless they all bring us new happiness. For some, this year might have sucked, you might have lost your dream job, left a toxic relationship, moved out of your parents house and it has you acting weird because you’re not used to adulthood. Everything happens and nothing happens, it will all pass. You will be ok, you might not understand at the moment that we all have a plan, battles, different goals, obstacles, but one day we will wake up with the shiniest of suns and then we will realize, with a coffee in our hands, wow, is life beautiful and surprising. So if you are scared to get out of your comfort zone, do it, do that thing that makes you feel chills all over your body. If you want to move to another city, do it and meet amazing people and evolve around different cultures and atmospheres. If you want to leave a relationship that only drains you, do it and cry a little, all weekend if you must, but let it pass and be happy with what’s in store for you. It’s a new year for new beginnings. A little reminder that we can all shape our lives any way we want. Think of it as a timeline. Set goals and watch them happen within months, within weeks, by the next 2021. But dream. Dream so hard you don’t know if you’re actually living. Dream until you fulfill your soul, yourself. Doesn’t matter how small or how big, I hope you accomplish it all. I hope you fall in love and love so powerfully you inspire others. I hope you travel and learn what a bag of Loui won’t teach you. Admire the simplest of things. Admire the smallest things. Admire it all. Admire yourself and your heart. Be grateful for the good and the bad. Remember, the storm always passes. You are so deep, make them all be scared of your profundity. Your thoughtfulness, your will. Your will to live with no regrets, with no remorse, without resentment. Just love love love. There’s no more room for hate, for negativity, for bad energy that only drains our spirit. Be clear to yourself and make it clear to the world. You only need authenticity in your life. Nothing less. So say goodbye to the old year and dance with it one last time.

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